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Module Materials

Broadband, Core Text: " Corporate Financial Management, 5th Edition" by Glen Arnold

Module Content

sections Status

CPA P1 MF- Introduction


P1 MF Section 1 - Financial Environment


P1 MF Section 2- Sources of Finance


P1 MF Section 3- Investment Appraisal


P1 MF Section 4- Working Capital Management


P1 MF Section 5- Cost of Capital


P1 MF Section 6- Business Valuations


P1 MF Section 7- Budgetary Planning and Control


P1 MF Section 8- Management Accounting in Decision Support


P1 MF Revision Update Using Past Papers April & August 2016


P1 MF Revision March 2016


P1 MF Revision August 2017


P1 MF Supplementary Resources


P1 MF Mock Exam


CPA P1 MF - Course Feedback Questionnaire

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Magda Cybulska

Hi all,

Please see the following article from Joe Molumby, Examiner, P1 Managerial Finance. He looks here at the deficiencies of traditional performance measurement systems and demonstrates how the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method attempts to overcome these deficiencies.

While there are no guarantees, previous articles have been seen on subsequent exam papers so ignore at your peril!!

Teresa Byrne

Good Evening, Are there any plans to review & do a revision tutorial on the April & August 2017 past papers?
I have a query in relation to Question 1 on the August 2017 paper which I am having difficulty with. Thanks

Magda Cybulska

Attention Students:

The following errata have been noted on the CPA sample answer for August 2011 Q1 available in the Managerial Finance Tutor Manual pages 85-87 :

The correct loan amount of €25,000 has been changed in error to €24,000 for interest calculations.
The original incoming loan amount should certainly be in the February column.
With regard to calculation 4, the totals only are in the wrong columns. For example, the €2340 should be in the February column, €4290 in the March column.
To clarify, the January costs are paid 60% in February and 40% in March, so the timing of the calculations is correct, only the totals are incorrectly timed.

Magda Cybulska

New material has been added to the course. Material was sourced from our Strategic Performance Management course and inputted into section 11 of Managerial Finance in order to provide students with extra assistance on Variance Analysis- topic also studied at P2 level of Strategic Performance Management. Those add-ons can be recognized by their title beginning with letters “SPM”. Corresponding notes are also available to download from Section 11.

Please ensure that you have viewed the Dec 2016 article on Working Capital Management