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Institute of Leadership and Management courses will provide you with tools to develop core knowledge and practical skills you need to manage, motivate and inspire others as a modern leader. Project Management stream is tailored to enhance your skills in general leadership and mentoring with a focus on managing projects within the organisation.


Section A

Understanding Innovation and Change

In this unit you will develop knowledge and understanding of innovation and change as required by a practicing or potential first line manager. You will understand how to plan, monitor and review the implementation and communication of innovation and change in an organisation. You will also gain understanding of the effects of innovation and change on people and teams in an organisation.
Section B

Understanding Leadership

Leadership and management are often talked about in ways that suggest the 2 skills are interchangeable. This workbook will enable you to explore what leadership is and learn how the skills of leadership can significantly improve your skills as a manager. After completing the exercises in this unit, you will be able to confidently tackle the work-based assignment.
Section C

Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace

This unit introduces you to the challenges of understanding and managing conflict in the workplace. As a first-line manager, it is highly likely that, at some time, you will face, and be required to address, some form of workplace conflict.
Section D

Understanding Performance Management

This unit will introduce you to the challenges of understanding performance management: key skills are examined that will enable you to confidently tackle this element of your job as a supervisor and/or team leader. The activities will require you to consider theories, models and concepts that align with each topic but, importantly, you will be expected to make parallels with your own experience in the workplace, which will help in ensuring that you can lead your team effectively.
Section E

Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation

This unit introduces you to the concept of budget management, enabling you to set and manage a budget, taking into account the costs associated with running the section or team for which you are responsible. As a first-line manager or aspiring first-line manager, it is highly likely that you will have specific responsibilities for managing the budget for, and costs incurred by, your team or functional area.
Section F

Understanding Negotiation and Networking in the Workplace

This unit of study will enable you to explore what negotiation and networking are, it will introduce concepts relating to negotiation and effective networking, and enable you to understand how to overcome related challenges. In your Workbook, you will be asked to think about your business or organisational networks and to consider whether there are ways in which you can develop and capitalise on your networks more effectively. Similarly, you will need to critically review your negotiation skills. Investing time in developing skills for both networking and negotiation will pay back very quickly.
Section G

Planning Change in the Workplace

To understand change and therefore to be able to successfully plan and implement change in the workplace, managers need to be aware of the different types of change, the origins of change and the way in which people react to and cope with change.
Section H

Managing Workplace Projects

In completing this unit, you will get the opportunity to consider what a project is, why it is important to actively manage projects and explore some simple project management techniques. The project management tools and techniques introduced in this unit can be used in the workplace generally and regularly.

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Lecturer Information

Tena Sheil

Tena Sheil is an ACCA qualified accountant with a first class honours business degree. She has been involved in the SME, Not for Profit and Financial sectors since 1993. She specialises in the key areas of Financial and Performance Management which enhance planning, control and decision-making in the competitive modern organisation.

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