The keys to studying online

Given the current situation the world is in, we are all faced with changing and adapting our daily routine to stay relevant. Indeed, some of us may need to change our focus so that when the world getting back to normality, we are ready for the new beginning.

Studying online has many advantages and online courses are generally sold on the basis that you can study at your own pace and let the material seep in. Many of us (including me) now have the opportunity to engage in online study but it can be daunting if you are starting on your first journey at home.

The toughest aspect of online study is you seem to be on your own. Most of my learning is now online even though I spend much of my time at the top end of a classroom. What I like about the classroom training is the routine attendance requirements, the interaction with the other delegates, the advice, tips, experience of the trainer and the support handouts.

Much of this you don’t get in an online course, and in my experience, you need to bring these aspects of classroom training to your online studies in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

This is particularly through for level 6-8 professional diplomas like Prince2 and PMP which demand a lot of attention, are highly detailed and requires a good understanding of the material in order to pass the exam.

These diplomas are in great demand today because they are a fast way to upskill to a professional level and demand only a few prerequisites to get started.

But how do you bring the classroom into your home? Well, let’s break this down into basics.

Classroom training benefits:

  1. Attendance on a regular basis at a regular time
  2. Focused schedule (study plan)
  3. Class interaction
  4. Knowledge sharing in the classroom
  5. Trainer experience, knowledge and tips
  6. Physical support materials

How do you apply this to online training?

Using equivalent notation:

  1. Be disciplined in your approach to your study
  2. Ensure you book the exam early and lock yourself into a weekly study plan
  3. Find a Prince2 study forum and engage with its members
  4. Use the forum to share knowledge and get feedback
  5. Use a forum where the tutor engages with the delegates and there is one to one tutor support
  6. Make sure the course you buy has a lot of downloadable content included

At you get:

  1. Administration and tutor support to assist you with study discipline and organisation to stay the distance
  2. A bespoke study plan to suit your experience and workload
  3. A forum to engage with other delegates and the tutor
  4. A forum to upload articles, blogs, tips and advice
  5. One to one contact with the tutor to pose questions, raise queries and clarifications
  6. Downloadable content including exam tips, cheat sheets and a set of Prince2 templates

At we pride ourselves in providing all the benefits of classroom training while allowing you to study at a pace that suits you. At we will not leave you on your own in these challenging times.

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