Industry Standard

PRINCE2 is a best practice industry standard and has been in use since 1986. This project management certification is backed by the UK government and even used by the UN systems. For those looking to gain a footing in health sector Prince2 is used extensively in the UK and Ireland. This certification will help to carry them through the barriers.

Employment Opportunities

Most big business has now realised project management offers advantages for delivering on their change. They employ or hire project managers and will ask ‘prove your capability’. Here a certified project manager will have an advantage over those not certified. Also there are also lots of businesses and organisations who use Prince2. Certified PRINCE2 professionals have the backing of a well-respected certification board. Holding a PRINCE2 certification implies that you are well-versed in the knowledge necessary to implement a project of any scale successfully.

No prerequisites to certification

Some equivalent certifications requires you to have about 7,500 hours of project management experience before they can get certified. Unfortunately, this sets a dangerous cycle. Most professionals cannot make the jump into the project management field without a certificate and now, as it turns out, they cannot get certified without any experience. PRINCE2, on the other hand, does not have any such requirements. As a result, this is the perfect certification for anyone who wants to become a project manager.

Doesn’t take too much time

The average PRINCE2 foundation course takes about three – five months to complete (including the exam), while the PRINCE2 practitioner course takes an additional one month. Most people choose to take the PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation certifications together, which can be completed with 6 months online.

Choose your country!

The PRINCE2 certification is recognized throughout the world. Places like the Ireland, Britain Most western europr countries and commonwealth countries like Australia, India and even China all use PRINCE2. As a result, a PRINCE2 certification can help you with employment throughout the globe.

Choose your industry

PRINCE2 does not impose a lot on the business or PM. It is designed to be adaptable. So no matter what industry you are in, what size your company is, PRINCE2 can be adapted to suit your needs. Unlike Agile methods, PRINCE2 can be used in all sectors, and very tailorable for software development projects. As a professional, this prevents you from restricting your employability in just one field. I have used Prince2 for construction, refurbishment, business, business change, finance and tech projects.

Higher Success Rates for Projects

The PRINCE2 methodology does exactly as it says. Helps you manage project in a methodical and systematic manner. It applies the principle of stage management enhance the chance of higher success rates if it is broken down into smaller, more manageable stages. PRINCE2 also uses the principle of defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the project team are aware of their duties in a project, and this will help with operational transparency and accountability, which can lead to a project’s success. As a result, projects implemented using PRINCE2 tend to have a higher success rate than others.

No project is too big!

PRINCE2 is scalable. It can be used on any size project no matter what its complexity is. This means you can adapt the PRINCE2 principles to projects with as little as three people as well as projects that involve multiple teams in different countries.

Project delivery assurance

When you use the PRINCE2 methodologies to manage projects, you give business teams an assurance that you are using a project management method that is extremely likely to work. PRINCE2 projects have a high rate of success because they follow a detailed guide that specifies each member’s role in the project and what is expected of them. Unlike other project management techniques, in PRINCE2, everyone owns and takes full responsibility for their role in a project.

Deliver on customer expectations

PRINCE2 methodologies are customer-focused and descriptive. This means that teams following these principles will be equipped to prevent misunderstandings between clients and production teams. When using PRINCE2, managers are not only required to lay the final goals and objectives of the client down but also attempt to estimate the expected ROI on the project. Since consensus has been formed right at the start, expectations are specific and clear. 

Enable Cross-Functional Working

PRINCE2 supports, in fact, encourages, communication between production and support teams. Therefore, teams involved in a product, are required to keep the HR and the IT teams in the loop right from the start of a project. In this way, teams that use PRINCE2 can get the support they need to complete the projects with ease.

Meet and Network with other Professionals

People with a PRINCE2 certification can grow in their careers, not just because of their certification, but also because being a part of the PRINCE2 community allows them to work with other experienced members in this field and learn from them.

What is the case for not getting certified? That’s a tough question!