The Prince2 methodology has already been adopted and embraced by thousands of the world’s largest and most successful organisations, many of which have transformed their organisations and delivered on their objectives as a result. In fact, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for a Prince2 qualification to be listed as a prerequisite for those looking to gain entry to a wide range of jobs and pursue or change careers.

Prince2 is universal in that it can be applied to any project, any size, anywhere.

Prince2 is:

  • A guide to best practice project management
  • Non-proprietary – suitable for all organisation types and project sizes
  • principle based – meaning it is non-prescriptive – it is not an ISO standard with rules
  • For you to decide how to use it best for your organisation and projects

If is often said that construction projects are of a different kind and stand apart from others due to their heavy reliance on procurement management but the stats on Prince2 in construction are there to be seen.

According to the AXELOS PRINCE2® REPORT – APRIL 2016, Prince2 has been widely adopted in the construction industry in both the UK and Ireland. Prince2 is also globally established. The Axelos report also suggests most survey respondents with Prince2 qualifications are from the broader European Union member states. Having a globally recognised qualification expands your network and the demand for your services. At we are focused on the delivery of your qualification.

Most government agency procurements contacts now stipulate the construction project manager must hold a recognised project management certification and Prince2 is one of the best-recognised qualifications to tick this box.

Based on feedback from public training events, the preferred standard is the Prince2 methodology.

At we believe this is the case because the benefits of implementing Prince2 in a construction related organisation include:

  1. Understanding and maintaining the project viability
  2. Clear direction and management by stages for robust control
  3. Distinct understanding of responsibilities and roles for the team
  4. Strong governance to maximise effectiveness and efficiency of communications
  5. Solid lessons ethic

From house build to large infrastructure projects, the right project management certification and training can have a significant impact on the success of your projects. It will help project leaders understand how to produce and follow a principled approach to their projects, with robust governance, and a structured approach to be confident of achieving the right outcome.

At we cater for construction professionals with our scenario-based tutorials.

When choosing a project management certification, the time and commitment to study and prepare, and the disruption it introduces into other areas of your professional life are important factors to consider before diving in.

At you can start out with the foundation training and at a later date continue to the practitioner level at your pace and fully supported by our administration staff and course tutors.