The Prince2 Practitioner exam can be a challenge for a lot of aspiring project managers sitting the exam, and there are good reasons for this. One of the biggest I believe, comes from the fact that the delegate does not have to have any project management experience whatsoever to sit the exam. All that is required of the delegate is to have passed the foundation exam and understand English. Studying Prince2 online also brings its challenges.

So for students in this position and who are moving to a career in Project Management, it is important to understand the underlying trends and techniques for passing the exam.

Well written and constructed exams will have underlying trends within them. The Prince2 exams certainly have trends and spotting these trends will help you be successful in the exam.

The practitioner exam is a 2.5 hour, 68 questions, multiple choice answers (1 from 4) with the use of the Prince2 manual as an aid. This might seem like a straightforward affair but there are many ruses, traps and snares waiting for the student and the exam is designed to confuse you and sow doubt into your mind when choosing an answer.

Understanding the Prince2 content, in my estimation, is not enough to get you through the exam.

So how do you understand how to pass the Prince2 practitioner exam.  Well here are my tips:

  1. Understand what Prince2 is (it is not a process driven and prescribed set of activities and techniques)
  2. Understand the principles of Prince2 and how they are connected to the themes and processes
  3. When answering questions ask yourself: what would a Prince2 project manager do in this situation?

Many students fail the Prince2 exams because they are challenging for the aspiring project manager. The student should not take it on lightly but understand what they are getting into.

At we focus on giving the learner the best understanding of Prince2 and the best chance of passing the exams. We take you through the journey from start to finish and will not sit idly buy when you have hit a wall with your studies or struggling to understand Prince2.

The Prince2 exam is challenging however with a little dedication, perseverance and know-how you can achieve the status of Project Management Practitioner and realise you career in projects.