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Studying Towards CPA Information Systems

If you are studying towards CPA Information Systems, read on!

I just wanted to talk to you about how to approach CPA IS. There is a lot of technical detail in this module, but this should be looked at from a business context, not a technical one.

The key thing to remember is that for this module you need to understand the topics as they relate to a business and the advice you would give in terms of whether or not to implement a certain piece of technology or purchase a particular software or hardware if you were the accountant/financial advisor for that business.

Think in terms of answering questions like:

  • How does this technology benefit you?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What are the costs and challenges that might arise?
  • What are the solutions to any difficulties that might arise?

So how does that affect your approach to CPA IS. Look at past paper questions for each topic BEFORE you start to learn the material for that topic. Then consider the course material in the context of what might be asked. The past papers are absolutely key for success on this topic because they show you how to relate the technical information to business needs.

Focus on CORE and IMPORTANT topics as the examiner has laid them out. Also the examiner has said that the Q1 compulsory question will always be on one of the core topics. (See educator’s briefing link below) And in the other link below she has walked you through how to approach a case study question.

In terms of time, you have 6 weeks until the beginning of August. Breakdown your topics and divide them over that time. Use August then to practice,practice,practice the past papers.

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