Three Fortnite Battle Basics to ACCA Exam Success

In a recent article Dave Their spoke about Basic Beginner’s Tips For Starting Out In ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’. Well what do you know! Some of them apply to you in your ACCA Campaign.

Storm’s a Comin

In Fortnite the storm forces players to ultimately come together; so you can’t hide away forever. Likewise for you the exams are coming in June. Time is ticking; so you need to be ready to flex your mental muscles and battle for your great success.

Collect Resources and Build

Each player lands in Fortnite with only a pickaxe, after that you must find more weapons and resources in order to win the day. You have been the same when moving from module to module in ACCA. You collect and build your knowledge and skills to fill your war chest with the tools and resources that will ultimately bring you to dominate in the exam.

Solo, Duo, and Squad

You can play Fortnite in single or group modes. It is up to you to build your team and realise which works best for you. Whether you like to study in solitude, find a study buddy or use a learning provider like you need to find your mojo so that you are fully prepared for the battle ahead.

Fortnite has one version called ‘Save the World’ which we all know that Accountants alone can do! Even if you are not a Fortnite fan, you know you can face this fight and be a champion!

Wishing all learners a day of victory.

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