4 Marks Without Opening a Book – ACCA Pro Exams

Many people get so close to a pass in their professional exams that they can actually taste it. There are few things in your learning career more painful than a marginal fail at this level. So here is some advice that will yield up to 4 marks that you don’t even have to study for!

To reflect your professional status and role you have the opportunity to gather 4 professional marks. Let’s look at what you will get those marks for in words straight from the examining team.

  1. Structure – The structure of the answer: was it well-structured and did it follow the requirements?
  2. Coherence – The coherence of the answer: did it provide a logically consistent analysis of the scenario?
  3. Style – The style of the answer: did it have an appropriate business style?
  4. Clarity – The clarity of the answer: was it easy to follow and read?

Add to that a quick perusal of the ACCA’s article on Examination Technique focusing on Assessment Verbs and you are golden for the easiest 4 marks you will ever earn!

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