True leadership in an evolving business landscape presents challenges for even the most talented in command. Significant factors like the digital shift and global economic slowdown have made effective leadership much tougher than in previous decades.

An article by Deloitte relating to their 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report

noted, “This new type of leader must understand how to build and lead teams; keep people connected and engaged; and drive a culture of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement”.

A globally-recognised Leadership and Management Award could make a huge difference.

The problem in many businesses is that rising executives receive no formal training to equip them to handle increased responsibilities. This leaves them wide open to criticism, stress, and failure. makes it easy for individuals and teams to attain globally- recognised ILM Awards in Leadership and Management. These courses teach the core competencies needed in today’s business environment, across a wide range of topics. A popular choice with some of the world’s leading employers, and individuals alike— offer these pioneering courses as part of an ever-growing suite of professional business skills.

Ray Williams, author and leadership expert suggests in Psychology Today

that a possible reason leaders struggle “may be the gaps between how leaders see themselves and how others see them”. He also notes that “constructive feedback can help a leader grow, and often leaders don’t get that feedback from employees and board members”.

This is where expert knowledge can help managers and leaders build on vital skills for managing teams, driving productivity, and leading organisational change.

Management vs Leadership – one can’t flourish without the other

A great leader with no management skills may have an inspiring business vision, however, without the planning and execution skills of a great manager, this vision will never be realised.

When it comes to developing effective management/leadership competencies there are many options for individuals and companies to choose from. These range from coaching and mentoring to a host of courses and qualifications. Some leadership and management qualifications sound great in theory but lack ‘real-world’ practicality. The success of leadership and management training depends on its relevance and how it’s deployed.

ILM’s leadership and management courses by are instantly accessible anytime, anyplace, on any device that connects to the internet.

Courses focus on practical skills that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Gaining a reliable award as such can boost credibility and collectively transform a business.

Time-efficient and flexible to suit individual needs

Courses can be tailored to suit various career levels from new team leaders learning the ropes, to senior managers leading teams through organisational change. They help professionals to develop a success mindset, perform at peak levels, and drive better results. Individuals learn to effectively manage relationships, motivate and engage teams, streamline day-to-day management, and provide strategic leadership. Course content is relevant to every type of industry and niche market while offering a great opportunity to learn and practice on-the-job.

ILM leadership and management

ILM leadership and management awards by

  •            Internationally recognised leadership/management awards
  •            Learning is focused on real-time application and improvement
  •            Structured learning allows you to learn while you work—no need to take time off
  •            Enhanced skill-set enables managers and leaders to adapt and succeed in a changing environment
  •            Personal and professional development increases satisfaction and engagement

Working at your own pace, you can tailor your course to suit your interests. You can select a combination of units that meet your specific needs.

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

By observing a few different roles within an organisation, let’s explore the possibilities of how you could tailor your learning. There are various ways you can do this, here’s some examples:

HR Supervisor – Communicates and implements HR policies and procedures.

  •            Understanding the organisation and its context
  •            Communication process within the workplace
  •            Performance management of employees
  •            Understanding stress management

Sales Manager – Generates company revenue & manages team performance.

  •            Planning and allocating work for your team
  •            Managing remote workers
  •            Exploring good coaching practice
  •            Examining how to lead & motivate your team

IT Team Leader – Leads by example to maintain & optimise IT systems.

  •            Planning change in the workplace
  •            Organising and delegating work
  •            Problem-solving and decision-making
  •            Developing yourself and others

ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management

Customer Service Supervisor – Assists & monitors team customer service output.

  •            Managing customer relations
  •            Becoming an effective leader
  •            Making professional presentations

Operations Manager – Ensures all parts of the production process are delivered to quality standards.

  •            Analysing and interpreting statistics to inform management decisions
  •            Preparing lean production and improvement methodologies
  •            Partnership working

Marketing Manager – Develops & executes strategic marketing campaigns.

  •            Leading innovation and change
  •            Making a financial case
  •            Managing resources

Distance Learning Tools & Support

ILM Leadership and Management course material and assessments are accessed via StudyOnline’s portal. Distance learning is delivered through well-structured learning manuals, high quality HD videos and tutor support. Once you have an internet connection you can study course material as often as you like, until you’re ready to take the online assessments. Each student has one-to-one access to their tutor, as well as the continuous support of lecturers who respond quickly to queries. Students can also benefit from reviewing questions and answers already posted in the learning forum.

Empowerment is Essential

Business Insider

reported the findings of global research and advisory firm Universum regarding their 2020 Outlook survey.

Universum interviewed over 2000 senior executives from CEO’s to HR leaders across 18 countries. The results found the most important leadership quality is the ability to “empower your employees”, followed by “ability to be a role model”, and being “goal-oriented”.

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