displaying symptoms of being an accountant
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Symptoms of Being an Accountant – Are you one of us?

Are you presenting any of those symptoms? If so, don’t worry nothing is wrong with you. You are simply displaying signs of being an accountant! 

Displaying clear symptoms of being born to be an accountant:

– Do you secretly smile on the inside when you get a bank reconciliation to balance??
– Do you “fist pump” when the balance on your Payables Control Account agrees to the Payables listing you printed from Sage earlier that morning…
– Do you secretly enjoy wearing chinos and deck shoes because it makes you feel like the walking embodiment of an IFRS ??
– Do you show off to your fellow trainee’s in the office by crunching numbers into your calculator, without having to look down at the keypad?

If so, you are displaying clear symptoms of being an accountant. Your black and white view of the world, where a reconciliation statement reconciles or doesn’t will serve you well in your accountancy studies (but maybe ease off on it in real life though ☺)

traits of and accountant know you were born to be an accountant.
The enjoyment you get from getting an arithmetical and accounting control to work (i.e. a reconciliation) is a sign that your talents have found their home in the world of accountancy.
Sure, your friends will slag you for not being creative…but, ask them when was the last time they “high fived” a work colleague, because of the 10 invoices selected, all have the stamp “paid” on them….(just a little test of control on payables and purchases that you and your audit team colleague carried out successfully. )

And of course, let’s not forget your wizardry with all things Excel….you can talk for Ireland about the finer details of a vlook up, pivot tables and conditional formatting, not to mention the Excel formula concatenate….(one of my personal favourites).

So, wear your best chinos and deck shoes combination, because accountants make “accrual” world, a better place through peace, love and reconciliation!

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