Yesterday we took part in the Grant Thornton’s Corporate 5k Team Challenge in Dublin in aid of Make a Wish Ireland.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight why physical activity is important. Especially when you are studying and preparing for exams.

Benefits for body and mind- get disciplined and consistent

We all know about the benefits of exercise and how important it is to be physically active.

Doing sports regularly and being consistent in your exercise routine will not only bring you health benefits but also help you build up your discipline, become consistent, methodical and diligent.

Those attributes can be easily translated into many other aspects of your life. Studying is one of them.

Incorporating physical activity into your routine will not only help you with your ability to organize time for your study but also teach you to make the most out of the time you are dedicating to this very action of study.

Clear your mind

Exercise gives you time to clear your mind and gain perspective- in your daily life, this sometimes becomes extremely important as it is the moment when you find the motivation to keep going and continue on with your educational and professional goals.

“Physical exercise can reduce muscular armoring. When coupled with cognitive focus, you’re aligning your brain and your body toward a singular focus.”Sukie Baxter In Forbes Article on “What Everyone Gets Wrong About Building Confidence”.


Learn about Teamwork

On top of that if you are playing team sports or are a member of a sports club you are practicing your teamwork and collaboration skills. It is this much harder to skip your training if you know your teammates are counting on you. This is completely transferable to your working environment. Learn to work well with your team on a football pitch and you will gain valuable team leading and teamwork experience you can use at work.
So what are you still waiting for? Get off that phone, tablet or laptop and go for a walk, a quick cycle or a run!  The feeling of reaching the finish line is great! You will not regret it.

grant thornton corporate challenge 2017