Study Online is Ireland's first fully dedicated and supported online learning portal for accountancy and finance. We deliver both CPA Ireland and ACCA professional accountancy qualifications purely online. Both accounting bodies have recognised our commitment to quality and student results by awarding us Gold status. The key differentiator between us and competitors is our commitment to the online student. Purpose built recording studios and experienced lecturers ensure that the student receives high-quality lectures and continued support as they progress through their studies.

Our investment in technology and the recent re-launch of our website and learning system provides a unique student experience. The success of our innovation is borne out by our growth rates over the past 2 years. We strive to deliver best quality education and pioneer in distance learning opportunities. We want to reach individuals across the country and provide them with an opportunity to succeed in their specialised study fields without the necessity of long distance journeys that are often related to the traditional style of study.

Lecturing Team

On our academic team we have respected and expert lecturers with experience across a wide range of sectors. Senior Lecturer & Accounting Programmes Director Colm Foley is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland with a Masters in Accounting, Education Theory and a Degree in Economics. He has many years experience lecturing Audit, Accounting and Business on both Postgraduate and Professional courses.

Among our staff, we also have Fellows of ACCA and CAI, Masters of International Relations, Business Studies, Strategic Management and Planning as well as Associates/Members of CIMA, CIPD and ITI. We have gathered a team that can support our learners towards excellent levels of success which are illustrated by our high success rates and award-winning students.

Lecturer Support

Professional accounting exams represent a significant challenge for learners. Academically equivalent to a Master’s Degree coupled with full-time accounting roles poses quite the challenge for learners. To ensure students are given the best opportunity to pass their exams first time, offer tuition support. This is provided through private messages and public comments on lecture videos. Tutors are also available to speak with learners and guide them through the topic.

We have a commitment to resolve 90% of our queries within one working day. Anytime access across mobile and stationary devices, with, guaranteed 24 hr response times ensures that our learners are truly connected to our lecturers and support staff.

Our Video Lessons

At we record all our learning content with our lecturing team in our own state of the art e-Learning studio rooms.

We record a variety of engaging materials including direct screen capture, lecturer video, audio and written notes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer for

All our courses will work on most modern devices including PC's, Mac's, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or tablet. You can also use AirPlay or Google ChromeCast to view video lessons on a television (Requires AppleTV/ChromeCast).

What type of internet connection do I need?

All our courses rely on the streaming of videos with an always-on internet connection. We use Vimeo as our video provider which has quality options for slower internet connections. As a guideline, we recommend that you have a 10mb/s broadband connection. A metered internet connection is not advisable.

What is ACCA Unlimited?

ACCA unlimited is our product which combines all of the subjects within ACCA in a single price plan. You can pay monthly or yearly and is recommended for students who need to complete multiple subjects in a cost-effective manner.

Be aware, that we do not provide books for ACCA unlimited but we have the option to purchase them manually.