About the subject

This Module will help you to develop management accounting techniques to support businesses to plan, control and monitor performance. You’ll learn different ways of managing finance within an organisation with the aim of enhancing business performance


Section A

The nature, source and purpose of management information

Explain the nature, source and purpose of management information

Section B

Cost accounting techniques

Explain and apply cost accounting techniques

Section C


Prepare budgets for planning and control
Section D

Standard costing

Compare actual costs with standard costs and analyse any variances

Section E

Performance measurement

Explain and apply performance measurements and monitor business performance

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Lecturer Information

Kevin McNamee

Kevin has a Masters in Information Technology and a 1st class honours ‘business management‘ degree. His background is in Cost & Management and Financials accounting, Business Systems management and leading systems implementation projects. He has worked across large multinationals in the FMCG sector to various small high Growth business start-ups. He also specialises in aligning software systems (e.g. accounting) to the actual operations and procedures.

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